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Football Manager 2012 | Publisher: SEGA | Developer: Sports Interactive | Genre: Sports/Managing | Platform: PC | Size:1.9GB | Release Date: 31-10-2011

Football Manager 2012 allows you to take control of any club in over 50 nations across the world, including all of the biggest leagues across Europe. You’re in the hot-seat, which means you decide who plays and who sits on the bench, you’re in total control of tactics, team-talks, substitutions and pitch-side instructions as you follow the match live with the acclaimed 3D match engine allowing YOU to make the difference! As the boss you’ll also have full control of team affairs away from the pitch: Will you spend big-money on expensive superstars or put a focus on scouting for wonderkids? How will you approach training & match preparation? Will you be the chairman’s best friend or always demand the best investment from the board? How do you react when a young star has problems – a shoulder to cry on or a clip round the ear? And how will you deal with tricky questions from the media? Now it’s time to put your opinions to the test.

On top of these key innovations, there are over 800 new features making huge improvements, such as the media system, press conferences, the youth system, newgens, the social networking options, friendlies, international management and many more which will be detailed in a series of video blogs over the coming months, alongside more information about Football Manager 2012.

System Requirements:
OS – Windows XP/Vista/W7
Processor – XP : 1.4GHz or Faster, Vista/W7 : 2.0GHz or Faster
Supported Processors: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core, AMD Athlon
Memory – XP : 512MB RAM, Vista/W7 : 1.0GB RAM
Hard Drive Space – 2GB
DVD-Drive – 4x Speed
Video Card Memory – 128MB
Sound Card – DirectX 9.0c compatible
DirectX – Version 9.0c (included)

Install Note:
1. Unpack The Release
2. Mount Or Burn Image
3. Install
4. Copy Everything From Skidrow Folder To The Installation Directory
5. Play The Game

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Football Manager 2012 (2011) Full PC Game Mediafire Resumable Download Links
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Football Manager 2012 (2011) Full Version PC Game Cracked

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thanx…1st download…


whenever i try to start the game this error message appears “Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). click OK to terminate the application” please help…


thx a lot!!!!
good job….


Thanks, works perfect!


mediafire delete it..
can u reupload it again..


please any solution of 0x0000005 error?


Fantastic! it is works. You just follow the instructions. Don’t forget to install direct x provided. Enjoy the game!


read instructions and install directx given in file.
read system requirements as well it should be higher then the minimum given in post.


i followed the instructions and installed the DirectX but still same specs are as follows

OS:Windows XP SP3 Build 2600
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 at 1.6MHz
RAM: 512MB
Graphic Card: ATI Radeon 9550 with 128MB VRAM


@NAEEM: please upgrade your direct x dan re-install the game.


i will loadthe first few loading screens after that it just return back to desktop


thanks guys now it works fine:)


well please upgrade mediafire links it’s showing only 5th part nothing else


doesn’t work for me how? somebody please help.
i mount and play from the folder, it says berkelium not found. if i play from desktop, it goes to loading screen, den retursn to desktop. anyone knows how to solve this?


have da same problem as Jay-W..plis help!


I tried downloading using putlocker but after downloading 79% it stopped downloading. If I download using medafire will it work? plz tell!


In media fire I can only see part 5 !!nd i’m unable to figure it out that how to download via upload plz help :(


for uploadfa click onlink create download link.

if you’ve slow connection then use parts.

actually all you need to just refresh download link if file stops downloading and use IDM for resume support.


Resuming did’t work tried 2 or 3 times.


Yep my net is a bit slow but i can only see part 5 in media fire. Where are the other 4 parts?


mediafire links updated thanks for reporting :)


Oh yea now i can see other parts as well. Thanks for updating. I hope they will work. And File keen also dont work becuse its removed due to copy right or somehting.


will update filekeen tomorrow it’ll take time as i don’t have backup for this.




I downloaded it using mediafire. AFter extracting the rars nd then iso when i opened the file FM it gave following error d3dx9_41.dll was not found. Plz suggest what went wrong.


I dont really understand the install note. I’m supposed to get a blank CD and then burn the image file in it? help plz


@admin!plz reply. :(


Sorry it was my fault. I didn;t installed it only extracted it. Now I’m having the same problem as Naeem but after mnay times installing direct x nd game still 0×0000005 error is popping. Plz help.




Still having trouble downloading this can you do a video of you installing it please thanks :)


“the program can’t start because d3dx9_41.dll is still missing from your computer” ………..???? wat does it mean?


@ Etho open the iso file with rar nd then exttact instead of extracting the iso file.




broz…my game starts and it shows SAGA and all that when just before coming to the main menu it becomes dark and closes…mine is vista…and i hv got all the requirements above….:(


*Naeem* How you did it??? I have same problem (0×0000005…)…????????


It is my first time here. What is the password ?


im using vista and i cant start the game… it will have football manager 2012 12.0.2f230123 has stopped working…. anybody can help plss??


Admin please check the mediafire link is broken


ive downloaded the iso file….do i also have to download the rar file?? because it is not available.


hey guys this website let us download direct or from any torrent




Direct downloading no torrent.


dammit, am I just too late. All the files have been removed :(

Could you post a new link here please I would love you (no homo :p


Sure bro give me sometime to reupload 😉


but i have nothing, so i can’t give u the files either. Or what do you mean?


I said wait until tomorrow new links will be added.


ah oke i get it, I read it wrong xd

thanks in advance nick


i dont found download links plz help me


when do you think the new links will be here?


hey guys all the downloads have been removed or says not found ! how can i download it ?




I can’t find the files in mediafire and if i click uploada it says that the files were deleted. can anyone help me pls.


Mediafire Links Updated, Dead Links Removed.
Thanks For Reporting 😉


thanks gan..
good luck


why part9 not working :(


Installed but cant find skidrow folder…thnks but it wont work without it. pls help because my son is really disappointed :'(


There Should Be A Skidrow Folder Or Crack Don’t Remember It Exactly.


if i have steam installed i cant play?


I have downloaded all the 10 parts and then installed the game. When I try to run the game, I get an error telling me that it has failed to startup, because a file named ‘d3dx9_31.dll’ is missing. Please help me solve the problem




files been removed on putlocker pls post new links


yr how to download game on this web??????


Mediafire folder removed.plz reupload the links!!!
only 2 parts are remaining!!


erkss..the files is not found?… pls pls reupload the links..


thnx for the new links!!!!!!


thnnXx a lot!!


i have the same prob as jay – w once at the loading screen it just quits and returns to the dekstop, without saying anything. does anyone ave any soloutions?


for ( 0×0000005 error ) please try it.. copy only fm.exe ..


how to install this game . after downloading how to mount that


i can’t start the game


game cannot start: failed to set up cope protection system


when i click on the game,nothing happens.
what did i do wrong?


I download partial.. after all downloaded, must i HJSplit or just extract 10 of them 1 by 1? cuz when I try to extract 1 of them it said it corrupt..


my problem is same with joshua, failed protection system, even reach at loading session.


After I mount it, then click it, it says ”Windows Cannot Read From This Disk. The Disk Might Be Corrupt Or It Could Be Using A Format That Is Not Compatible With Windows”


I fixed my previous problem, but now when I clicked into the game, it starts, shows the credits, then it says loading in different languages, then it crashes.


do we need steam to run this


roy , how to mount this game


@zwe daemon tools


thanx a lot…..first time install its not working….finally i got it….error in place the skidrow file…


*0×0000005 error =problem wit driver like RAM or MEMORY not suitable for this game…solve pls update u driver to latest version..or update all u windows

*u need insatall winrar tu extrat..put all download from 1part to 10part in 1 folder then extract, it will be auto extart 10part.

*‘d3dx9_31.dll’ u need download this or high:

Microsoft DirectX 9, v. 9.15.779.0

Version: 9.15.779.0000
Filesize: 1.06 Mb
File language: U.S. English

uninstall the drectx in u pc 1st then install..


kada instalirate igru onda samo iz skidrova kopirajte fm menager ono crveno bez ostaloga i radit ce vam igra savrseno.

When you install the game then just copy the skidrova red fm manager what no other and will work your game perfectly.


thank q sir !!


i hve problem wif link no 9 and no 10 on mediafire, it just stop when my download reach about 90%.. help me plz..


thanks man …


I load the game, and it works and shows the credit and then the screen says loading.. then it crashes and says my screen isn’t in the optimal resolution 1366×768 – even though that’s my current settings. Anyone know why this happens?


help please when i open the game it says “Football Manager 2012 12.0.2f230123 has stopped working” and wont let me even open it ._.




I completed the instrutions however when i start the game only the introductory SEGA screen video turns on and then the screen goes back to the desktop. Please help me admin.


First Read Install Notes Then Apply Properly

Then Run Game As Administrator By Right Clicking.


my game doesn’t open, and i followed all the instructions


downloaded it, it all works fine but when i get to a game and click “start match” it closes down and says a serious error was encountered, then creates a crash dump, any help?


i need this link


the first part link looks doesn’t work well..
i using download accelerator
please give me another link (mediafire or anything)
thanks before :)


update mediafire link please


thanks world free for u……..


thx yap ats linknya, sukses sllu


installation directory? i can’t find one. please help!


Thank you very much.




i want to ask you that: where is the skidrow folder?
i didn’t find it



i saw it


thank u verry much u are great!!!


everytime i try and install the direct x i get this message

unable to execute file C:Program FilesSEGAFootball Manager 2012directxDXSETUP.exe

Create process failed; code 740
The requested operation requires elevation

and when i try to load it it does all the loading but before it gets to the home screen it goes black and returns to the desktop.

Any help welcome


right guys,i was hoping you could tell me the best way of going about downloading FM 2012?im struggling a bit here!


ok guys was hoping you could help me by telling me the best way to go about downloading FM 2012?im struggling here


I can Download, but I CANT INSTAL IT,


when i try to unpack, it says FM2012-BY-Giii1818.part04.rar: Packed data CRC failed in sr-fm
Giii1818.part05.rar: Packed data CRC failed in sr-fm
Giii1818.part07.rar: Packed data CRC failed in sr-fm
CRC failed in sr-fm2012.iso.The file is corrupt


I open the game and then about 20 seconds in, it automatically closes and says that my optical resolution should be set to 1366 x 768 but it already is…. what can I do?


can you give me new link to download it plz


can you give me new link plz


please help bro i donno how to download … which one i should download first the putlocker of the game … and when i click the mediafire download link there are parts which one i should click ?? HELP


Alredy downloaded and installed, you must install directX also, or it will not work without. Everything works 100% thanks mate


sorry but when i try to open,nothing happen..
when i try open it again,it says that fm already running… argghhhh!!!
admin,help me


bro tell what to do adminhelp can’t download the game


plz admin i need help can someone tell easily how to download this game guys



-1st go to mediafire link provided…

-2nd right click to the download key n copy the address to the idm url..

-the 4th n 9th parts need password(

-put all the downloaded parts into one file

-extract 1st part,all parts will extract automatically into one folder


but i dunno how to install directx…plz help me guys.. any help plz




is there someone from NL. bro still can’t get it


i downloaded the game but can’t play what do i have to install now plz guys


thanks it is tooo good plzz upload call of duty working one


what the password…


Why did my post get removed?


please when i open the game it says “Football Manager 2012 12.0.2f230123 has stopped working” and wont let me even open it


thanks guys


Football Manager 2012 12.0.2f230123 has stopped working


thank uuu


The program can’t start because d3dx9_41.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.


please help me on this


Admin Please Help me!


please help me on this game


Hello, I need password for .rar


*Noa d3dx9_41.dll is the direct x file, go to where the game installed (usually program files, sega). u have to manually install direct x there.

Thanks for the link, games works perfect for me no problems. cheers


Thank you very much


thanks so much…


hi fren..

i have problem with windows vista.
can you help me..
after install, game loading and then few second disappear.

please help.

my laptop spec :
AMD turion x2


file no 6 broken


I completed the instrutions however when i start the game only the introductory SEGA screen video turns on and then the screen goes back to the desktop. Please help me admin.


everytime i try to install the game through the setup, it says Football Manager 2012db1200lang_db.dat could someone please get back to me as soon as possible with a solution. nd if nt jus give me the direct steps of downloading it?


hey what is the password part 4 and 9 on mediafire?
please, thankyou


I have problem with downloading part 4!?
please help


This occurs on my desktop computer:

and this occurs on my laptop:

please help!!!!


your mediafire links has been suspended what do i do?


which file do you have to download?



i follow every step and seem no problem after all…but when click on icon FM12 nothing happen, check on window task manager on process tab, the fm12 in that process…..

how to solve ?….want play this game badly…. :(


plz update the 10th link,, its not working……


how do you download this i dont see instructions.


please fix part 8 and 9, I can’t download it


i shouldn’t tip anywhere an passwort and this doesent work i have installed this game und the start screen comes and than comes my desktop why ?


im try to download thank u before


thq a lot


hey there anyone can tell me what i must do coz after download n extract it , then it show the iso file..what i must do with the iso file??burn it into DVD R?pliz give me the answer ASAP!!


Thanks a million


u all sink in choco ghooooooo u girlfriends a freak as u are oooooo sadod


i hope this game work, thank’s.


wher is the link?!?!?!


i downloaded the 10 parts and put them into one file, what do i do next? u guys have not put out instructions for that. i cant open each rar file, what do i do with those files t in order to install the game?


how do i download direct x ???
plzz reply assap


why part6 not working


why part9 not working


please when i open the game it says “Football Manager 2012 12.0.2f230123 has stopped working” and wont let me even open it


medafire account is suspended. please corrrect it thx.


mediafire account is suspended ?


link is dead


why the link is suspend??????
i just download 4 of them


game is a best


when i load fm on laptop even as an administrator, it loads to sega screen then crashes back to the desktop screen so what can i do? please help.
my laptop spec is.
processor, intelceleron t3100
win 7 premium
2gb ram
intergrated intel mobile 4 series


The mediafire told me that is was suspended.please reapload it.




say file not found or u do not have access to view folder


cnt see anyfing, as in cnt download


i can’t download…please help a dude out…how do u download?


Yep. I can find no files in the link you sent.


can you uploud again?? mediafire remove it,, please i need this game,, please


aaaa..folder can’t be found..pliz update..sob2..


it says folder not found help!!!


please reupload it




when i start the game i see the intro movies but after that it returns to my desktop. is there any way to solve this?


please reupload it






the folders have gone can you please repost in mediawire


please how do i download the Fm 2012 file






Hey!..being lukin up ur site 4 a while..i rily want 2 downld dz FM 2012 culd u give me d workin links + step by step way of downldin it…wuld rily appreciate it if u do


Can someone tell me how i acually download the game. Thanks


Asks for password when i try to extract sr-fm2012.rar!!




There are no download files when i click on the link.
Any help would be great! :)


i am not able to download this game is any one is there who can help me or tell how i can download this game








the game don’t wont to open can you help me please?




i love football and games for it


dude, am 4rm 9ja, and i resp ur work total. this is the best site for me. u ar the best and i salute ur type. i will share this site with my frds. thanks very much




this is key of intelligency

parmjeet ballouria

nice game


I cannot download this game…
Send me a working link…




mediafire delete it..
can u reupload it again.. tnx


Please who can help me the download links dosent open for me to download the game.plz i have on search for this game pls hw can I download it guys?????


Thank you ^_^


thanks and i hope it plays






how is download this game please HELP ME :(


re-upload please






thnk u so much


thank you






I love the game it’s nice friends


i like this


thank you verry much




thanx a lot


Hi Download Link is not working. it shows a message “File Not Found” Please provide a new link.

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