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Release Info-
FIFA 12 Full
Size: 6.8 GB
Release: 2011
Genres: Sports
Language: English
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: Electronic Arts

FIFA 12 brings to the pitch the game-changing new Player Impact Engine, a physics engine built to deliver real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. Revolutionary gameplay innovations inspired by the real-world of soccer make FIFA Soccer 12 deeper and more engaging. All-new Precision Dribbling delivers a higher fidelity of touch on the ball for attacking players, while Tactical Defending fundamentally changes the approach to defending by placing equal importance on positioning, intercepting passes and tackling. Plus, CPU players have been infused with Pro Player Intelligence, the next generation of player intelligence and performance. Stay tuned for more features to be announced in the coming months.

-Etihad Stadium.
-3 minute halves.
-Arsenal, Manchester City, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Marseille and Barcelona.
-Download size: 1.55 GB
-Kick-Off mode only

Minimum Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 245e
OS: Windows XP, Vista, Win7
CPU: 2.4 GHZ single core
Sound Card: DirectX 9, 10, 11 compatible
Graphics: NVidia GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X1600 at least, GeForce GTS 240 and Radeon HD 3870 recommended
Hardware: Mouse and Keyboard
Network: Internet connection for online mode
Hard Drive: 6 GB to 12 GB

FIFA Soccer 12 (2011) Full PC Game Mediafire Resumable Download Links
FIFA Soccer 12 (2011) Full PC Game Single Resumable Download Links
FIFA Soccer 12 (2011) Full Version PC Game Cracked
Megaupload Single Download Link For FIFA Soccer 12 (2011) Full PC Game

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When will its full version be available for us at Please bring it soon!


Saved like a favored, I actually like your weblog!


Thanks for post the fifa2012 full version Admin


Thanks for the upload but part 16 & 18 please……


you’re getting problem in downloading or got error on extracting files?


i tried again & both files ready to download..i guess u fixed it already..thank you 😉


mediafire link 13 ….is it working i dont think so


its working….yes


plz tell me which files i download for game.


use mediafire resumable and fast
if you have high speed net then you can use single links but those are without resume support so download as you wish.


hey admin please upload prince of persia newest part


or any ubisoft games and ea games please


got problem in extracting 12, 128 and 33 pls help


got problem n 12, 18 and 33 pls help soon admin


Press alt+r to repair rar files it’s typical problem with rar parts.


Is this fifa 12 pc because on mediafire links it says fifa 11?


same problem here 12,18,33 not extracting. when should i use alt+r ? and how to use it?


im not able to dwnload the 23rd file….its saying server sending no data…pls help


part 1,2 & 8 have a problem..plz reupload..


read our FAQ page at top of the site to know how to resume broken download links


thnks for help im able to install and play game but control of the game is mostly for xbox360 how could i change thm for pc becoz i cannot able to access full controls


mediafire part 2 is not downloading, tried it many times,but it gives an error every time


i think mediafire has some problem no file is downloading at this time try after some time there may be some problem.


nothing is working


so is this the full version or just the trial like thing with only free play of 3 min exhibition match?


WinRAR error for file 1,2 & 8..format unknown or damaged..


2 and 23 not working keep giving what notification error


Wait Guys I Think Mediafire Have Some Problem Tried Many Files To Download None Of Them Working So Wait Until Mediaifre Solve This Problem I Can’t Do Anything In This.


Parts 1, 2 and 8 also not working for me.


Part 2 & 23 has a prob.
I downloaded it and the file is 0mb.

Please reupload. Thanks! ^^


hey mr. admin pls help me my part 1 is showing “the file is either corrupted or in another format”
its not extracting or unrar what should i do…..?


press ALT-r or raname all files then try to extract game works fine according to reader’s comments


i downloaded part 1 three times (all 200mb of it) and it still cant be opened, same for part 2. part 3 works though, but it says password is wrong? please help here


sorry password minus the http part, it was auto-added by this comment thingy


where can i find serial number for fifa12?
i cant find link to download fifa12 keygen.HELP PLEASE…




password is fine but still try with “awesome”


1, 2 and 8 not working


mediafire links comes with crc error it’s a typical issue redownload those parts again after some time no solution for that.


do single links wrk admin?


single link of putlocker is resumable on my pc


yes single links are working but non resumable links if net connection stucked then you’ll have to redownload from start so it’s your choice.


if connections closed then it won’t resume keep it in your mind.


thank you very much


admin i download the file from putlocker link i run the setup exe but when the setup start it shows me : an error occured while trying to copy a file : the source file is corrupted. what i have to do now?


why to download frm start when net gets stucked u can always resume on idm by refreshing download address and then clicking on download file always resumes for me!!


sometimes that doesn’t work so i was suggesting that’s all if it works for you then you’re lucky 😉

May Be You Would Like To Tell Details To Our Readers Thanks :)


file number 1 do not working :(


For some reason parts 1, 2 and 8 still do not work for me either :(


parts 1, 2, 8 showin error…. plzzz help…. redwnloding of no use yet….:(


see dat the names of the files downloaded are in sequence …such as sql.1 , sql.2 so on…..if any thing differnt change it so that all files resemble except numeric part!!


its all havng smiliar name … just the numbner is varying…i couldnt even open th file…. if its just the file name error, i should be able to atlest open the file naaa…. i am able to open alll the files except 1,2 and 8


hey admin plzz reply this … dere any 3.1 gb update for fifa 12 ….if so can u upload dat update??


number 1 and 8 have error on extracting them


admin help!when i start the game it shows fifa12 and then back to my desktop?what i have to do to solve this??


i download by using single link..does the link need serial number or key?? plez help me…


Thanks admin very much all the way from kenya.


part 1 ,2,8 shows an error- “this file is either damaged or in unknown form ” ….. i am able it to extract this …………any solution


unable to extract it


Admin, no archives found error in all thhe files…


all part except 1,2,and 8 is not working….please re upload it


1,2,8 part is damaged …reupload it please


sorry its only part 1,2 and 8.not extracting.


game working admin thanks…rpaired the corrupted archives.


It’s time for teenager to play this game. It’s so good for everybody who love the football


where do i press to download it?


when i run the game it says origin not installed…


plz help me…
part 1, 2 and 8 is unable to extract it


plz admin ,can i download my love fifa12 for free full version game and not a demo one ?


23 is damaged, please reupload?


hey admin . the files 1,2 and 8 are not extracting???


really it is a great worldwide game.i like this game indeed.thanxs very much.


please reupload part 1 2 8


Part 1 is damaged, and maybe more I didn’t checked all.
Thanks are given if you reupload.


Can you tell us about the solution and how it’s working?
I have the same problem in file No. 1,2 and 8


How to repair corrupted rar file? anyone please help me


how can i extract part 1 ,2 and 8 ?they are damaged .help me please admin …thanx


Is it a good choice to go for putlocker full 6.8gb file


you just need to know how to refresh download link in case if downloading stops

when it happens just go to download page again copy the download link put that link in properties of file you’re downloading via IDM

i hope it helps.


Hey Admin.. Sorry To Trouble.. I Downloaded All 34 Files From MediaFire.. Amd When I Try To Extract Them It Gives Me An Error Message
“The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”
Can You Please Assist Me.. I Spent Many Nights Downloading All These Parts And Do Not Want To Start All Over Again..


It Also Is Sending An Error Message…
No files to extract
Your Assistance Will Be Greatly Appreciated


Parts 1,2,8 & 11 are not extracting.. please help

The Error Message:
The archive is either in unknown format or damaged


confused ya my friend? .. how do I download?


plizz fix part 1,2 and 8 pliz..


admin pls hlp. i downloaded every file, it all shows 200 mb in properties, but is it all empty?


you need to extract them using winrar or 7zip.


win rar showed nothing, 7 zip did. but now im having probs with the password


help, the password doesnt work.


Hi all,
I’m fed up waiting for the replay from admin to fix the parts so I started looking for the solution ..
follow these steps I hope you can fix the 1,2 and 8 parts yourself
1.go to the main folder where u have the folder containing the all rars(ex. downloads if downloadsfifa is you original folder)open with WinRaR
2.In winrar browse to the fifa location ,where the corrupted rars are available find 1,2,8 corrupted parts repair them with winrar Repair option(Alt+r) and rename the files with original files and there you go you the parts are fixed and you can continue extracting the iso.

PS:it works for all corrupted rar files.

and thanks admin,for the awesome work .


thanks vijay. u saved me a whole lot of trouble.


good jop, thnq


is this the full version or jus the one with Arsenal, Manchester City, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Marseille and Barcelona.


after downloading all files next wht to do???????????


hey admin part 1,2 & 8 are not extracting….pls help..


i can’t extract part 1,2,8…..pls help here


thq vijay……………Good job………


just try this password :
it’s work to me…
And thank you for admin :)


folder file at mediafire is missing…
please solve it!!


Woa!! so fast. thanks!


if you’ve downloaded some files already then match the file names i had many same files with fifa soccer name so bit confused nothing else 😉


i thank you . god bless you


do i need to crack it?


can you play online with this?


this is cracked version not steam unlocked.


parts 1, 2 and 8 unable to extract.. admin, whats the problem?


i downloaded all the files from mediafire.. but parts 1,2,8 unable to extract. pls help.


tried vijay’s solution. it works. thanks vijay and admin. (:


I can not speak english very well admin, But you must understand me:P

How can i download i don’t know?


can u pls tell me whether this is the full game….and is it the original…and the features say -Etihad Stadium.
-3 minute halves.
-Arsenal, Manchester City, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Marseille and Barcelona.
-Download size: 1.55 GB……..Wat does it mean..thnks u r the best


that is the demo version descriptions


thank you!


thanks admin! great job!! 😀


origin not installed. help me please :'(


Downloaded files are not extracting……what to do???Plzzz tell in detail…:(


Part 1.2 and 8 are not getting extracted,what should i do?


I Love you for uploading FIFA SOCCER 12 but your 1,2,8 parts are not working reply soon.


ANd also they are giving a eRror known as “The File is in unknown format or damaged.”


Please reupload with working links please fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast fast.


part 1 and 2 is cant be extract…how??


part 8 also..


i like fifa 12


what is the password


dude..i cant even open the file 1 2 im gonna fix it?




I have extracted and run the set-up, but cant play the game,.when i run the crack file i get this error (0xc00000be)


when i run the original fifa12.exe application, it asks to connect to the internet for a release date, then i get this error, “origin is not installed, and is required to play our game. Please reinstall Origin” pls assist


Hi all, veejay’s method is working but needs a little bit explanation,just open winrar from start menu or on the destop,in the winrar window there is a navigation pane where u can select the drive where ur rar file are,browse and navigate to the folder where u saved the rar files and select part1 and click repair,it will display two box one with the error and the other with where u are gonna save the repaired rar files,so select where to save it and repeat for the part2 and part8,u gonna get something like,,, just delete the fixed. in the name and copy all the three to where the others are and extract. Enjoy.


pls explain how to install it after you extract everthing


@Dee after the extraction just download a software called magic disc and install it,locate where the iso image of the game is saved and right click u will see an option magicIso>mount>G:no media,it should come up as if u insrted a DVD.


@DrLed, thanks..After installing it, should I run the original fifa.exe file or the crack file? when I run the crack, I get this error “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00000be). Click OK to close the application.”

When I run the normal fifa.exe file I get this msg:
“This software requires an online Release Date Check on the first launch after installation and will occur with each start of the application until the Release Date is reached. For this an ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED.

Application and hardware identifiers are sent to the time server.

If the Release Date Check passes, a decryption key is received from the server and the application files and folders are decrypted and replaced.

Please click on ‘Accept’ if you want to continue or click ‘Exit’ to abort this process.”

What should I do?


This software requires an online Release Date Check on the first launch after installation and will occur with each start of the application until the Release Date is reached. For this an ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED.

Application and hardware identifiers are sent to the time server.

If the Release Date Check passes, a decryption key is received from the server and the application files and folders are decrypted and replaced.

Please click on ‘Accept’ if you want to continue or click ‘Exit’ to abort this process.” This is a question for Admin maybe a crack and better explanation of the game will sove the problem,and again,i want to tell admin to please try to test these games and see how it works for u before uploading it so if there is any problem u would be able to explain solution,and anybody who has the same problem and was able to solve it should try and enlighten other.Thanks to Admin.


when it goes to FIFA 12 Part 7 extraction it says wrong pass and shows this error
! E:Fifa 12 PartsFifa 12 part 7.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file rld-fi12.iso (wrong password ?)


Admin tekken 5 is out please get it for us,reply us cus we are ur members and we love you . WE NEED TO PLAY TEKKEN 5!


i downloaded all the 35 rar/s ….. i’m not very expert in magic iso or power iso softwares …. will you plz tell me what are the next steps ?

thnks in advance.


its can’ extracted with 7zip all data failed password
how to solve the problem


I guese am cursed nothing is opening its been loading for like hours now.


rar password ??????

admin where are you ?


Okay I have officially given up so U guys or ladies who have made it and its working, how can U assist??????????? Any assistance will be highly appreciated by me.


ADMIN OR DR LED, pliss help me. how to solve dis i cant play . when i run the game it said ” origin is not install and is required to play ur game. please reinstall origin ” ???


its very nice.. thank u


downloaded everything but part 1,2,8 have a error u cant open or extract please help


after i put the crack file it says E001 help


admin part 1 corrupt. need help. please


Admin Please help which file I have to download for the game please.


Admin are you there?




Works perfectly, read all the comments and you’ll know what to do eventually


hello i still nE0001


hello i still need help error E0001


part 1 & 2 error demage


while extracting the files, it asked for a cd, plzhelp!!!


O arquivo não abre. the file does not open, win rar says it is corrupted


part 3 don’t work! admin!


Hi everyone. I download all .rar files, but password is not correct. Please give me normal, correct password 😉 thanks


This method is not correct


everything has installed, but when i run the game its shows ” origin is not installed, and is required to run the game. Please reinstall origin” please help me out here.. its so frustrating :(


dude site to mast update kari he yar tune


what the password for fifa 12


its CD image file what did i have to do with that??


what is the password? How do I extract the files?


I’ll like to download fifa 12 in my blackberry 9300


nid help wat is the correct password for the rar??


what is fucking unknown format or damage?
Please bro: i have been redownload for 3 time, but i can’t extract 1, 2& 8………


it works perfectly… thank you…


part 1 and 2 have problem. please check.


account suspended!!!


i have tried all my possible way to download this game to download this game but i can’t, how can i download it please


Thank u……


ur downloads not workin properly..


hey man……….. the download link is not working….. it opens mediafire then it says the link to the account has been suspended….. please help me i want this game……. sent me some other link to my e-mail address ( ) please send me as fast as u can…..


thanks man!!


files not found
and please send links to


thanks mannnnnnnnnnnnnn




Plz correct the link.Link says the folder is misssing


Nice website…highly recommended!!


how to download ?


hey the media fire links are not there anymore please help


how to download???…pls sumone tell me…


Hey admin!!..Plz upload the full version of FIFA 12..I want it and think evry1 wants it too!!..:/


dude when will the fifa 13 full game come out and please give a different link then mediafire because it does not stay for long thnx….:)

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