Kaante (2002) Hindi Movie 400MB DVDRip ESubs

Poster Of Bollywood Movie Kaante (2002) 300MB Compressed Small Size Pc Movie Free Download worldfree4u.com

Ratings: 6.5/10
Directed By: Sanjay Gupta
Released On: 20 December 2002
Genre(s): Action | Crime | Drama
Movie Star Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty

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Synopsis: On or about 12May00, a truck gets stolen in Los Angeles, and the Police bring in six men of South Asian origin for questioning. They are: Yashvardhan Rampal, known as ‘Major’ educated intelligent, unemployed, with an ailing wife who longs to return to India; Non-English speaking Jay Rehan, otherwise known as ‘Ajju’, a foul-mouthed, trigger-happy gangster; A out-of-work former nightclub bouncer, Marc Issak, whose girlfriend, Lisa, is a bar dancer, and who is known to get into fights due to his uncontrollable temper; A drug deal, Raj Yadav, otherwise known as Bali, foul-mouthed, womanizer, stutterer, and alcoholic; Bali’s sidekick, Maqbool Haider, otherwise known as Mac; White-collared Anand Mathur, alias Andy, recently separated from his wife, Renu, and longing to get back together with his son, who he cannot get custody of due to financial problems. The six confer in a cell, cite woes that even though the Italians have their Mafia, the Colombians have their Cartels, but the East…


Tintin and the Temple of the Sun (1969) 200MB HDRip 480p Hindi

Poster Of Tintin and the Temple of the Sun (1969) In Hindi Dubbed 300MB Compressed Small Size Pc Movie Free Download Only At worldfree4u.com

Tintin and the Temple of the Sun Tintin and the Temple of the Sune To Get Information About Movie Tintin and the Temple of the Sun (2010)

Ratings: 6.6/10
Directed by: Eddie Lateste
Released On: 13 December 1969
Genre(s): Adventure | Family | Mystery
Star Cast: Philippe Ogouz, Claude Bertrand, Lucie Dolène

Synopsis: When seven archaeologists find an old Inca temple, they become the victims of an old Inca curse. Back in Europe, one by one they fall into a deep sleep and only once a day, all at the same time, they wake up for some minutes and have hallucinations of the Inca god. The story begins with the 6th archaeologist being put into sleep by the contents of a crystal ball that are thrown into his car by Indios. The last conscious archaeologist stays at Tintin and Haddock in Moulinsart. A thunderstorm approaches and the lights go out. This is used by the Indios to put the last one in sleep and to capture professor Tournesol, who has proved to be a desecrater of the sanctuary by putting on the bracelet of the Inca god. His friends Tintin and Haddock follow the track to Peru, up to the mountains through snow and jungle and finally discover the temple of the sun wheres they are captured, too. Their only choice is to chose the day on which they want to be burned to death by the sun. Tintin chooses …


Grown Ups (2010) 325MB BRRip 480p Dual Audio ESubs

||Grown Ups (2010)||

[325MB | BRRip | Hin-Eng | 480p]

Poster Of Grown Ups (2010) In Hindi English Dual Audio 300MB Compressed Small Size Pc Movie Free Download Only At worldfree4u.com

Ratings: 6.0/10
Genre(s): Comedy
Directed by: Dennis Dugan
Released On: 25 June 2010
Star Cast: Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, Kevin James

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Synopsis: In 1978, five 12-year-olds win a CYO basketball championship. Thirty years later, they gather with their families for their coach’s funeral and a weekend at a house on a lake where they used to party. By now, each is a grownup with problems and challenges: Marcus is alone and drinks too much. Rob, with three daughters he rarely sees, is always deeply in love until he turns on his next ex-wife. Eric is overweight and out of work. Kurt is a househusband, henpecked by wife and mother-in-law. Lenny is a successful Hollywood agent married to a fashion designer; their kids take privilege for granted. Can the outdoors help these grownups rediscover connections or is this chaos in the making?


Herbie Fully Loaded (2005) 400MB HDRip 480p Dual Audio

||Herbie Fully Loaded (2005)||

[400MB | HDRip | Hin-Eng | 480p]

Poster Of Herbie Fully Loaded (2005) In Hindi English Dual Audio 300MB Compressed Small Size Pc Movie Free Download Only At worldfree4u.com

Ratings: 4.7/10
Released On: 22 June 2005
Directed by: Angela Robinson
Genre(s): Adventure | Comedy | Family
Star Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton, Cheryl Hines

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Synopsis: Maggie Peyton is the new owner of Number 53–the free wheelin’ Volkswagen bug with a mind of its own; she puts the car through its paces on the road to becoming a NASCAR competitor. As a third generation member of a NASCAR family, racing is in Maggie Peyton’s blood, but she is forbidden from pursuing her dream by her overprotective father, Ray Peyton, Sr. When Ray Sr. offers Maggie a car as a college graduation present, he takes her to a junkyard to choose one from an assortment of very used cars. Maggie has her eye on an old Nissan, but a certain rusty, banged up ’63 VW Bug seems to be clamoring for her attention. To her surprise, Maggie leaves the lot with Herbie. As she prepares to leave town for a position with ESPN News, Maggie discovers that Herbie has a mind of his own–and an alternate route for her future.


WWE Friday Night SmackDown 12th December (2014) HDTVRip

Poster Of WWE Friday Night SmackDown (2014) Free Download Full New Wrestling Show Watch Online At worldfree4u.com

Quality: 480P
Genre(s): Sports
Language: English
Released On: 12th December 2014

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